The Imitate Reading Initiative

The Imitate Reading Initiative is a free book-sharing program for parents and caregivers. The objective is that parents will read to learn, to succeed, and to model reading for their children. At around 12 months of age, children will begin to copy and intentionally imitate the behaviors, mannerisms, and actions of their parents. For instance, we have all seen how a child will copy a parent talking on a phone, stirring a pot on a stove, or simply waving goodbye.

We all know the importance of parents reading to their children every day. It benefits the child's language and socio-emotional development, imagination and builds bonds between the parent and child. Yet, there is less dialogue about the importance of parents modeling reading to their children by establishing their own reading habits in the home. There are numerous programs in the United States that give free books to children. The purpose of this unique Imitate Reading Initiative is to distribute free books to parents so that they can harness the power of imitation to create a culture of reading at home.

For more details about implementing the Imitate Reading Initiative in your school district, early childcare center, preschool or family organization, contact Linda Mitchell at or call 618-558-8527. Also, please request a strip of Imitate Reading Initiative stickers to place on books you donate to help spread the message. 

Please contact Linda Mitchell at for more information.

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